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Giriraj JewelersGiriraj JewelersGiriraj Jewelers

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Book an appointment by choosing a date and time, and we will connect you to one of our jewelry sellers.

Buying or selling jewelry has never been simpler.

Book an appointment

You can either visit our shop or our in-house jewelry expert will come to you at the day of the appointment.

Choose from our services

We trade in all kinds of jewelry with gold, silver, platinum, diamond, gemstones as well as antique jewelry sets.


For buyers : You will be presented with a brochure to choose from 1000+ designs and advised about the piece of your choice.
For sellers : Our valuer will examine your jewelry carefully without damaging it and put a price on it.


Proper documentation regarding the price as well as the authenticity of metals as well as gemstones will provided to you after buying/selling process is completed.

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